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Big D is a life saver! It was 3:00 in the morning, pouring down rain, & I was on I-405, when my front wheel fell off. I was scared & freaking out when I called Big D, they were so patient & reassured me someone was on the way. I was expecting like an hour wait, but he made it to me before the state patrol! I will never call another tow company again, they have my loyalty!
Orange car — Tow Truck in Seattle, WA

The last thing you want is to have to call a tow company, last night was my "lucky night". I was shocked when they answered on the first ring. Very friendly and reassuring. As soon as I hung up the phone I prepared for my long wait. I saw a tow truck coming down the road, I thought to myself that's not them that would be to fast no way. It was! I was so happy to see his friendly wave. Not only was this service extremely fast but he was super friendly and really cared. I will refer all my family and friends to this tow company in the future. Thanks Big D's!

I wanted to say how much I appreciated everyone's kind, speedy help last week when our battery went dead on the Ballard Bridge. The stars seemed to line up to send you all. You made a bad event, not so bad. Turning it in to a story of good people, much less about the bad part. I had my kids with me. They were concerned, but everything was taken care of so quickly and friendly that they didn't really get scared! I'm recommending you all to everyone :) Can't THANK YOU enough, Darin - Big D Towing

Love Big D. I called at 5pm on One of the rainiest days in Seattle! My son's car broke down by Golden Gardens and he came right out and tows it up the street to our mechanic. I really appreciated the fast and friendly service on such a crappy night!

Emily was the staff member I talked to you on the phone, and she was very courteous and also very honest about their timeframe that they had, having just gotten a few calls in a row and that it would be more than an hour before they could come and get me. When she heard that that did not quite fit my timeframe, she encouraged me to keep looking around and just give her a call back if I contracted with somebody else. I did find someone else, and when I called her back she was very nice about the whole thing and said they be happy to have my business in the future.

Steven B., Seattle 5 STARS
Stuck I-5 N/B under convention center. Both of these men were wonderful. Very professional and quick. Bad location, no room for their safety. Towed me to my home in Bothell. SPD for 33 yrs. just retired. These were great guys, I would recommend their towing services to anyone.

Kate M, Seattle 5 STARS
Big D's offered up efficient service yesterday when my car needed a jump. Their guy showed up within his estimated time of thirty minutes, and he kept the transaction simple. Best of all, he wasn't condescending or patronizing for my status as a female who didn't have the resources to jump the car myself. I've had that happen before and was cringing at the thought of explaining my mistake to someone. This $65 error was made a little less frustrating by Big D's timely and friendly service.

ANDREW L., Seattle 5 STARS
The only towing company I will call in Seattle. Second time they have towed one of my vehicles and both times I felt safe with their equipment and care of my vehicles. They tell you the hook-up fee and mileage rate on the phone (do not ever let someone tow your car who doesn't do that). They came when they said they would.

ANDREW K., Seattle 5 STARS
it was around 10:30pm on a Sunday night when my car's starter went out and died in the International District. Big D Towing picked up the phone when no one else did, and was super willing to come help me out. After about a 15 minute wait, they arrived, got my car to a shop, and went on their way. The prices they charged seemed super reasonable, especially after looking into the competition. My driver was super friendly, and Big D helped make my awful car experience just a little bit better.

TODD S., Seattle 5 STARS
I needed my classic car moved and was really worried as I've had some bad experiences with other companies handling it in the past. These guys were amazing. They called ahead, showed up on-time and treated my car like it was there own.

I don't want to call out the names in the review but the two guys that showed up were polite, professional and really set me at ease. They made sure they let me know what was happening at every step of the process and took as much care at unloading as at loading. They even hand pushed the car to where it needed to go in the lot.

I'll be using these guys again if I need anything moved.

NONNY B., Seattle 5 STARS
It's almost superfluous to add yet another 5-star review to the Big D Yelp page, but here goes....
As with most emergencies, they tend to happen after 5pm on a Friday, when no one is available. Calling several tow companies, we heard more than once a recommendation for Big D--and it happened to be the nearest to the truck-with-boat-on-trailer-still-in-the-pullout-ramp-at-Shilshole...with the tide coming in! Clearly, time was of the essence! Fortunately a Good Sam helped get the truck/boat off the ramp to the street, and when Big D arrived, it was under 1/2 hour before both were secured & on their way home across town. Ditto to all the earlier comments about quick, expert, friendly, reasonable service!

DARREN P., Seattle
Big D helped me out the other day when I broke down with a bunch of dogs in the van.
He was there promptly and was very friendly when he showed up. He popped the hood and helped me for a minute and I was back on the road.

Then, a couple days later my other car had a problem. He was there when he said he 'd be there. Towed my car and only charged me a minimal price.

Nice guy, honest, and affordable!